New York! New York! (Citywalk)

What would you love about New York? I don’t know but I know I love walking and getting lost in the city, exploring the museums, taking the ferry ride and so many things. Then again, what can you not like when you are on a holiday? *LOL*


I was putting up near the Greenwich Village area, commonly known as “The Village“. Its quite a hip-bohemian area with lots of entertainment to choose from, stand-up comedy bars, jazz bars, lots of small eateries.

There are those hop-on-hop-off bus rides which you can get tickets for and I think it’s actually quite a good way to explore a lot of places. You can also choose to find some local tours to sign up for, I went along with the hip-hop culture tour “Walk This Way” and it’s actually pretty good! It’s said to be led by some celebrity BUT me not being in the culture much, I do not know who from who!

For the LEGO fan in you, do make sure not to miss The Lego Store at 5th Avenue. This is really the ultimate LEGO experience! I am sure they have other displays now, but the time when I was there, it was the Jurassic dinosaurs and there was even a Monopoly ferris wheel in the building which people can ride in!

As for the rest of the pictures that you see afters, are just pictures taken from the walk in the city, not forgetting Rockafella Centre of course!

A NYC Street CornerHip Hop TourBongs

BuildingSurrenderParkRockafella Centre

EagleLimousineJedi Recruit! SurrenderStreetwalk



It is a really nice musuem with lots to see and offer (and of the fact that I cannot remember much now since I didn’t have the habit of writing down any information prior) So to choose the sculture that caught my attention was that of the Siren.

The siren, crowned and holding her two tails, was a heraldic device of the Colonna, a powerful Roman family. In all likelihood, this siren is the bronze named in a 1644 Barberini inventory, a Colonna princess having married into that family. It was no doubt intended for placement at a considerable height outdoors, where the extraordinary tumble of hair would be seen to full advantage.


Grand Central Park

I was there in search of the Strawberry Fields (at that point of time, I was still hoping I’d see strawberries… *facepalm*) and there was a group of people paying tribute to John Lennon and all was tranquil. Just Imagine…

Central Park Strawberry Field


New York! New York! (Halloween Episode)

So this is part deux of my NYC trip and to note that I went during the Halloween period. It was quite an experience and I got to see my favourite show in 3d “The Nightmare before Christmas“!

Costume Shop

One should see the queues outside the costume shops on the eve of Halloween! I got a picture but it’s too blurry so not going to put that up. People are VERY much into Halloween here and I LOVE it! It feels like you are in a really big theme park, with everyone having a little bit of fun despite of the busy city work life!

When I took a bus ride in Staten Island, it was great to see houses all decorated with  ghouls hanging in the doorway, bloodied trails along the pathways. It was a good way to see all the houses in their Halloween costumes, you should do that if you have a chance! Though… I cannot remember the bus number or route I took, sorry!

Now coming back to NYC, people deck in costumes roaming the streets, merrily high and jolly. I went to a darker side of Halloween with my friend who was into goth. It was a little overwhelming for me when I stepped into the club, cute topless pixies but sharp-teethed, ditched bride crying blood, Marilyn Manson look-alike, witches and wizards, vampires and werewolves…gory kind.

When I went to the car to get a drink, I saw a rolled mat tucked at the foot of the counter and naturally I placed one of my foot on the mat while ordering. After I got my drink, I moved to another corner, sipping my drink and continued people-watching until I turned back to look at the counter….

There was a man rolled inside the mat and he was just admiring all those girls with short skirts making their orders in full glory! Of course some of the girls knew full well of that and made sure to stand over the face of the man rolled in the mat. All sort of fetishes indeed… hmmm

Now to share a few pictures of my Halloween in NYC…

StrangersThe Pumpkins

The Dark


New York, New York!

New York, New York!  This song was constantly playing on my mind prior to my trip to the Big Apple.

New York, New York

Statue of Liberty Yellow Taxis





This is after all 7 years after the trip now so do forgive me if my memory is a little fuzzy. *LOL* It was also a trip with some personal agenda so I did not go around as much as I wanted to and I pretty much finished the entire 2 seasons of Invader Zim that my friend had in possession.

Let’s just start with a few places for now and will talk more in the following post.

Chinatown and Little Italy

I just have to make a visit to Chinatown being Chinese, not for the food but to check out how it is like. What you can never wander far from is food when you are in a Chinese neighbourhood.

Then you will also spot the palm-reader telling your fortune at some roadside, alongside vendors selling fruits and vegetables.

Palmist Street Vendor Street Vendor





Little Italy is very much close by though it is not an ethnic neighbourhood anymore as it is overruned by mediocre bakeries/resturants and gift shops trading in Sopranos quotes on cheap t-shirts.

I have found a little cheat sheet with places where you may nibble or eat. You may download the PDF here. (published Apr 18, 2013)

Fancy Table Lamps

Hello Titty Turban Spongebob






Staten Island Ferry Ride

Grabbing a hot chocolate and a cream cheese bagel, I waited for the gates to open and board the ferry.  ( you may check the schedule here )

Most of the people huddled inside instead of staying out in the open deck as it became much colder when the ferry was in motion. However, being a person in the tropics, I find it hard to resist any chance of being in the natural cold air. After all, I had my hot chocolate and cream cheese bagel to enjoy while enjoying the sight… mmmm, simple joys.

Staten Island Ferry Ride Staten Island Ferry Ride Staten Island Ferry Ride